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Arizona judge orders Kari lake to pay Katie Hobbs some fees for her election lawsuit. However, she declines to sanction her

On Tuesday, a Maricopa County judge ordered Arizona Republican Kari Lake that Katie Hobbs be compensated for legal fees incurred in connection to an election lawsuit Lake filed challenging her loss. However, he did not sanction Lake for filing the lawsuit.

Judge Peter Thompson rejected Lake’s suit on Saturday. He concluded that there was no clear or convincing evidence to support misconduct and affirmed Hobbs’ victory. This Christmas Eve ruling was a significant defeat for Lake. He lost to Hobbs by approximately 17,000 votes in November. Thompson sued to reverse the decision.

Hobbs’ attorneys – who are currently secretary of state – had charged Lake and her lawyers with knowing that their challenges to the election couldn’t be substantiated. This would be against legal ethics rules. They demanded sanctions against Lake and her staff. Thompson disagreed. Thompson disagreed.

He ordered Lake to pay Hobbs $33,040.50 as compensation for expert witness fees, and he reaffirmed Hobbs’ election. Hobbs will be sworn into office on January 5.

These recent rulings are the latest in a series of rebukes of election deniers across the country and recall the many legal losses that President Donald Trump suffered in 2020 when he attempted to contest his election loss. Maricopa County is located in the Phoenix region and contains the majority of Arizona’s residents. It was the center of many unfounded fraud allegations during the 2020 election and the midterm elections.

Lake, who was present in the courtroom but did not testify during Saturday’s trial, tweeted that she would appeal the ruling “for the sake of restoring faith in our elections and honesty.”

Lake, a former Arizona television journalist, built her campaign around Trump’s lies regarding widespread election fraud in 2020. Since then, she had doubled down and falsely claimed that she won the 2022 election.

Thompson had dismissed eight of the charges in Lake’s lawsuit before trial. He ruled that they were not sufficient grounds to hold an election under Arizona law. He had allowed Lake to attempt to prove two additional counts regarding printers and the ballot chain of custody in Maricopa County at a two-day trial last week.

Thompson’s Saturday ruling stated that Lake’s team had shown that someone deliberately caused the county’s poll-on-demand printers to malfunction. This led to enough votes being lost to alter the outcome.

“Every witness before the Court denied any personal knowledge of such misconduct. Thompson stated that the Court cannot accept speculation and conjecture as evidence instead of clear and convincing evidence.

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