All Biden's Fault: Hamas Rejects Latest Ceasefire/Hostage Deal, Seals Their Fate

Joe Biden abandoned Israel on Monday when he refused to have the U.S. veto a UN Security Council resolution. The resolution called for an immediate ceasefire, which would then stop Israel from wiping out the Hamas terrorists. The ceasefire was not conditional on releasing the hostages, according to the Israeli UN ambassador Gilad Erdan. 

Republicans, including Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted Biden for throwing Israel under the bus and throwing a lifeline to Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also ripped the move, saying that he would be canceling a trip to D.C. that his aides had planned. 

So what has all that appeasement of Hamas resulted in? 

Israel had agreed to a very bad deal in order to try to get the hostages, which included 5 Americans, out. The offer was a six week ceasefire to have an exchange of people. 

It would get out a lot of the hostages, but let a lot of Hamas murderers out who would likely come back into the war against Israel. So not a great idea. 

But even that wasn’t enough now, with Biden throwing Israel under the bus and the UN being allowed to pass that disgusting resolution. Now Hamas is responding saying Israel is not responding to any “basic demand” — that they want a comprehensive ceasefire that has Israel completely pulling out of Gaza and returns all “political prisoners” (Hamas terrorists being held by Israel). 

So Biden’s actions made Hamas even more reluctant to come to the table and deal honestly. Why should they? They know Biden and the UN will continue to pressure Israel. If they hold out, they likely believe that they can do even better and get more murderers released. That’s the result of Joe Biden’s weakness. Hamas doesn’t care if civilians might be hurt in the process, they don’t give a darn about their own people. 

Ambassador Erdan ripped the UN Security Council vote for giving “hope” to Hamas.

“Releasing the hostages should be the first priority of the Council. Your demand for a cease-fire without making it conditional on the release of our hostages harms the efforts to release them and gives Hamas hope of achieving a cease-fire without releasing them. All council members should have opposed this resolution,” Erdan said.

So now what will the left say? Israel was willing to agree to a bad deal, but once again, it’s Hamas throwing a wrench into a ceasefire deal. It’s Hamas who is always the problem in this equation, yet the Biden administration and the left will continue to attack and blame Israel, while essentially helping Hamas in the process.

But as much as Biden tries to throw them a lifeline, it now will have the opposite effect. It’s not going to stop Israel from going into Rafah and wiping out Hamas. That will be the ultimate result of the rejection, now it ensures that’s the only way to finish this and get the hostages.

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