A California Company Is Making a Business Out of Kicking Squatters Out of Properties

Hey California, having a problem with squatters? Well, the free market has provided an answer, once again. 

Introducing the “Squatter Squad.” 

According to the company’s website, their business is going into your property where squatters may have taken up residence and do what’s necessary to remove them: 

We offer fast and effective squatter removal and prevention services throughout Southern California.

Our job is to save our customers from all of the wasted time, money, stress, and headaches that come from squatters overtaking your property.

“Squatter Squad” makes it clear that they’re not an “eviction service.” In truth, they’re much faster: 

Squatter Squad is a one-of-a-kind business in Southern California. We are not an eviction service. We have our own proprietary process for getting squatters out fast. Going through the eviction process can stretch into weeks and months, costing you time and money, while at the same time the squatters are most likely damaging your property, causing even more anguish and expense. Below is a list of our specific services:

A video of the “Squatter Squad” is making the rounds on social media that show them forcibly gaining entry into the home, tearing off the doors, and forcing the squatters out along with their things. 

Squatters have become an increasing problem all around the nation, especially as illegal aliens storm our border and take up residence on properties. Some states have laws that protect squatters. 

The “Squatter Squad” isn’t the only game in town. California’s squatter problem is bad enough that other businesses have opened up. According to CBS News, a man named Flash Shelton takes his own approach to driving out squatters for property owners: 

Affectionately known by many as “The Squatter Hunter,” Shelton gives squatters a taste of their own medicine as he looks to drive them out of the homes they’ve taken over without any real threat of legal consequence.

“All I’m doing is becoming a squatter and flipping this process on them,” Shelton said. “I figured if they could take a house, I could take a house.”

“I’m not going in and I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not kicking them out, I’m not throwing them out,” Shelton said. 

Instead, he’s turning the tables, forcing those squatters to go to court in order to fight to get the property for themselves, as opposed to the homeowner having to go to court to get them out. 

He makes his way into homes occupied by squatters, squatting along side them until he can force them to leave. He brings cameras, recording every moment as he creates as many minor nuisances as he can until they get fed up with him. 

Squatters aren’t just a nuisance, they can be very dangerous and they need to be evicted from private residences for the safety of both the property owner and the neighbors. With blue state laws making it difficult to do this, it’s good to see that there are services that know how to work the system and see to it that squatters are removed safely and efficiently. 

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