3 Ways to Build a Culture That Lets High Performers Thrive

Many companies build cultures that are focused on controlling the output of low performers, rather than growing and unlocking everyone’s skills. This approach is low-ROI and ultimately problematic for high-performance cultures. Leaders spend an inordinate amount of time handholding their least productive colleagues, instead of helping their strongest contributors move faster and do more. Meanwhile, because these tactics are focused on pushing the work forward rather than figuring out how to get better, they fail to turn low performers into high performers. Ultimately, by failing to nurture skill or motivation, low performance cultures stunt growth and repel top talent.

Organizations need to build cultures that are obsessed with high performers, focusing the culture on keeping high performers and making new ones. First, reduce meetings down to the minimum viable number, so top talent can spend their time on more interesting, impactful work. Second, ask questions to measure your team’s motivation and conduct monthly health checks. Finally, mentor high performers on concrete, high-leverage skills.

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