25 Awesome Avengers Party Ideas for Kids (…or Adults)

25 Awesome Avengers Party Ideas for Kids (…or Adults)

If you have a little one asking for an Avengers party and you’re not sure where to begin, this collection of 25 Avengers Party Ideas is for you!

From costumes, games, to decorations, we have gathered the coolest Avengers birthday party ideas! These ideas will make your themed birthday party so much fun!

Let’s have an Avengers birthday party!

Avengers Birthday Party

Throw a birthday party fit for a hero with these fun Avengers Party Ideas! DIY ideas are so fun, because your little one can help make their dream party a reality. I love the idea of setting up fun crafts that kids can make, and then wear, during the party.

Need some help gathering some Avengers party supplies? No problem! We can help!

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Avengers Birthday Party Games & Avengers Crafts

Impress your party guests with a fun idea or two by creating an Avenger’s party space with these great activities.

1. Party-worthy Iron Man Glove

These DIY Iron Man Gloves from Simplistically Living actually GLOW!

2. Iron Man T-shirt Craft or Giveaway

Hey, look! You can complete the entire Ironman costume with a DIY Iron Man T-Shirt, from Totally The Bomb.

3. Dress like Captain America

It is SUPER simple to make this Felt Captain America Mask, from Eclectic Momsense. It would make a fun party craft!

4. Make a Captain America Shirt

How about a DIY Captain America Shirt Craft, also from Eclectic Momsense, for guests to wear, along with their masks?

5. DIY Captain America Shield

Because you can… Make your own Captain America Shield! Loving this craft from The Country Chic Cottage!

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6. Play an Avengers Bowling Game

What’s better than bowling with your favorite super heroes? Create your own Avengers Bowling Set, with this tutorial from Life Sprinkled With Glitter.

7. Play Avengers Bingo

Everyone loves BINGO! How cool is this Printable Avengers Bingo from Artsy Fartsy Mama?

8. Avengers Coloring Page Activity

Download and print our free Avengers coloring pages for kids as an Avengers party activity or to add to the post-party goodie bag.

Iron man posing for avengers party

Avengers Party Food Ideas

Every superhero needs to refuel! We have the best Avengers Party Food Ideas, from cake to a smoothie! This superhero themed food is sure to be a hit and is a great option to make your table look a little more festive!

You could even decorate a platter to look like Captain America’s shield. So, throw out the boring cookie cutter and make these heroic treats!

8. Make a Cool Avengers Cake

You have to check out this Avengers Birthday Cake from Ashlee Marie. It’s seriously amazing! It has all of your favorite superheroes! I like that hulk fist helps hold up the cake. It has all your child’s favorite characters.

9. Snack on Black Widow Popcorn Treat

You can’t forget Black Widow! I’m loving this Black Widow Popcorn Treat from The Tip Toe Fairy. This is my favorite thing! One I like popcorn and two Black Widow is my one of my most favorite Avengers characters.

10. Eat Hulk Cake

These Hulk Cake Pops, from Artsy Fartsy Mama, look easy enough to make. These Hulk cake pop are a perfect way to continue on with the Avengers theme.

11. DIY Thor Hammer Treats

Simplistically Living‘s Thor Hammer Treats are brilliant! Thor’s Hammer is such a cute treat and the pretzel sticks make it a sweet and salty combo! Yum!

12. Eat Avengers Cupcakes

Looking for something sweet and oh so cute? Try these Captain America Cupcakes.

13. Drink Hulk Punch

I bet this packs a PUNCH…Hulk Punch. Can’t forget the drinks while you’d doing the food party planning!

14. Homemade Captain America Cookies

These really look like tiny little shields. Captain America M&M’s Cookies.

15. More Avengers Cupcake Ideas for Your Party

These Hulk Cupcakes, from Simplistically Living, are pretty INCREDIBLE!

16. Make Iron Man Party Treats

3 Little Greenwoods‘ Iron Man Party Treats look tasty!

17. Printable Food Toppers for Your Avenger Party

These Printable Avengers Cupcakes Toppers, from Yesterday on Tuesday, make decorating cupcakes easy!

18. Drink Superhero Punch

Iron Man always seems to be a little fruity, which is why you will love this Iron Man Fruit Punch, from Almost Supermom!

19. Make Incredible Hulk Drink Recipe

The Love Nerds‘ Incredible Hulk Green Smoothie is a healthier option for party goers, and definitely will be part of our breakfast on Avengers: End Game‘s release day!

25 Avengers Party Ideas with hero cake, hero bowling, Captain America shield, and hero bookmarks.

Avengers Party Decoration Ideas

DIY Avengers Party Decoration Ideas (and Avengers party favors) set the tone and atmosphere of the party… plus they are super fun to make!

20. Superhero Letters

These Avengers Inspired letters from Mod Podge Rocks, are great for decorating! Plus you can use them to decorate your house, after your party.

21. Captain America and Thor Costume

The Scrap Shoppe Blog’s DIY Captain America and Thor Costumes are almost as fun to make as they are to wear!

22. Avenger’s Bag

Crafts By Amanda‘s Hulk Bag Craft is a mean, green, bagging machine! This is a great way to hand out party favors and will be a great addition to your decorations.

23. Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth station so that your guests can dress up in their favorite Avengers costumes and take pics! Do a green screen to photo shop backgrounds or you could even choose photo backdrops using themed sheets. Use the whole costume or just the superhero masks, it is up to you.

24. Superhero Crafts For Kids

Stock up on Avengers books for party favor bags, and make these fun Avengers Bookmarks from Crafts By Amanda, to go with them! This would be a fun way to set up an activity table that also worked as a decoration.

25. Captain America Shirt

These DIY Captain America Tie Dye Shirts, from Simply Kelly Designs, make the best party favor that kids will get great use out of!

26. Tie Dye Captain America Tote Bag

You could also buy white fabric tote bags, and make your own reusable party favor bags with tie dye! Just use the instructions from the post above. I think these will not only be great Avengers party decorations as they’re sitting on the table, but the reusable bags will be a big hit.

Avengers party decorations with avengers comics.

More Super Hero Fun!

Whether you’re looking for more Marvel Avenger party ideas or whether you just like heroes we have a little bit of everything.

Keep the superhero fun going with these amazing ideas:

Do you have an Avengers party ideas to add? What is your favorite Avengers birthday idea?

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