21 Cool Math Games For Kids

21 Cool Math Games For Kids

Looking for cool math games? Then look no further! Math can be a tedious subject but we have some really fun ways to learn math through cool math games for kids of all ages. Whether kids are just learning their numbers or practicing fractions, we have some math games that can make learning math super fun.

Let’s play some cool math games today!

Cool Math Games For Kids

When kids don’t enjoy math, they can fall behind and this can cause a snowball effect where they simply get further and further behind in math…making it less enjoyable. But we put together a great list of cool math games and activities that will help your child actually want to do math!

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Math is something everyone must know, and it can be hard to learn. It takes a lot more focus and concentration and requires a lot of problem solving and critical thinking.

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Cool Math Ideas to Make Learning Fun

But, math doesn’t have to be tedious! Make math fun with these 21 awesome math games and activities that are kid tested and parent approved!

Kindergarten math games to help them actually want to learn and enjoy math.

1. Kindergarten Math Games

Math doesn’t just have to be pen and paper and worksheets. You can also learn math through board games! Many of these kindergarten math games teach basic addition, subtraction, even multiplication and division!

2. Money Math Worksheets

Money is important to learn about, but with so many different coins and dollars it can be difficult. However, we created a fun money math worksheet to help with that! This free worksheet will help your child learn money math!

3. Fraction Games

Remember those paper fortune tellers we made as kids? Well it turns out you can use those to learn about fractions and multiplication, how cool! These fraction games are a blast.

4. Abominable Snowball Game

Break out the glitter and playdough it is time to play this fun Abominable snowball  game! Roll two dice and count out the snowballs to get the answer to the math problem.

5. Long Division Games

Long division can be hard, but it’s something every fourth grader and up must know. So why not make it fun with long division games. All you need it paper, markers, and magnets!

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6. Fidget Spinner Games

Fidget spinners are more than just energy burners! They can actually help teach your child math!  Fidget spinner games are played by using the fidget spinner as a timer and watch as your child races off! How many problems can your child solve?

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7. Best Math Apps

Screen time doesn’t always have to be bad. Bust out the tablet and phone and check out some of these best math apps.

8. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Math Game

Try this ultimate math tic tac toe math game! It’s like tic tac toe, but with math! It is a great way to teach your child even and odd numbers as well as some math vocabulary.

9. Fly Swatter Math

Fly swatter math may sound weird, but it is a lot of fun! This is great for preschoolers and kindergarten kids who are still learning numbers! All you need is paper, tape, a fly swatter, and markers.

10. Preschool Math Printables

How precious are these little preschool math printables?! This printable is actually 3 activities in 1! It is not only a coloring sheet, but can become a matching game, and even a little math booklet.

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11. Pre K Math Games

We have over 30 Pre K math games to help your child learn math. Most of these math activities and games are geared for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids.

Fractions can be hard to learn, but this fun cookie fraction game actually makes learning math…well tasty! Yup, I said tasty! Your kids can learn fractions with cookies! I think this is also my favorite way to learn fractions too!

13. Place Value Games

You can get these place value games by downloading this free printable! This is great for kids 2nd-4th grade. You will get 11 pages with this set including paper dice!

14. Subtraction Color By Number

Making math cool can be super easy, this unicorn subtraction color by number is not only fun, but will require your child to practice math equations.

More Subtraction Color by Number Worksheets

unicorn color by number addition coloring pages

15. Color By Number Addition Worksheets

Did your child finish the subtraction unicorn color by number? Well, we also have color by number addition worksheets.

More Addition Color by Number Worksheets

16. Fun Math Activities For Kids Who Hate Math

Not all kids like math, I grew up HATING it. It was awful, but we have 25 fun math activities specifically for kids who hate math. Math doesn’t have to be miserable, it can be fun!

17. Telling The Time Games

Telling the time games are important math skills to learn. It’s actually super easy to make telling time fun with these 10 activities.

18. Weight and Height Worksheet

Looking for more cool math games? We got them! Use these fun free printables to teach your children the difference between weight and height worksheet.

19. Learn About Money

Encourage learning about money in a fun way as well as pretend play with this free printable wallet! Playing with play money is a great way to make math feel less like learning and more like fun.

20. Dinosaur Puzzles For Kids

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!? Make math fun with this awesome dinosaur puzzles for kids!

21. Number Jumping Game

This is my favorite. Math is way more fun when you’re moving around. This is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids! Learn your numbers while jumping.

rainbow counting coloring pages

Looking For More Ways To Make Math Cool?

  • Color and learn math with these free rainbow printables!
  • Check out these cool math game using a flyswatter!
  • These counting printables are perfect for: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.
  • Try these not so spooky counting sheets! Bats, witches, cauldrons, oh my!
  • Grab your dot markers and paper. These simple addition and subtraction activities are great.
  • Everyone loves sharks! These shark counting sheets can double as coloring sheets as well.
  • Looking for more cool math ideas? Then you’ll definitely want this bunny pack! It comes with 7 fun pages that include math worksheets and more!
  • We have another learning pack! This African Animals theme pack is great for kindergarteners and 1st graders. It has 9 fun worksheets for math, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and more.
  • Is your child a bit younger? No problem! This nautical learning pack has 8 fun pages for children pre-k to 1st grade. Do math, learn about sizes, and more!
  • Need more pretend money? We have these awesome animal dollars in different amounts.
  • Check out these free printable math sight words flashcards.
  • Check out these awesome math counting beads activities.
  • Here are 12 more cool math games!
  • Check out this math game with a fly swatter!

Did we miss any cool math games your kids love to play?

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