15 Very Simple Birthday Party Themes for Kids

15 Very Simple Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Looking for some great kids birthday party themes? When you need some simple birthday party ideas you can find inspiration for cute parties anywhere! Birthdays don’t have to be difficult or expensive, you can do a themed birthday that your child will love and still save money! So, to help out, we put together a fun list of popular birthday themes and ideas!

We have the best kids birthday party themes!

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are about fun! They’re not supposed to be stressful, but they can sometimes become that way. You have to plan, buy decorations, buy games, cakes, etc… It’s a lot.

So, we wanted to shared some of our favorite themes for birthdays, but we also wanted to share some free printables, party ideas, and more… to help make the party planning easy and to help keep the party within your budget.

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15 Super Awesome Birthday Themes

We have gathered the best party decorations, party food ideas, and kids’ birthday party themes that kids of all ages will love! Whether it is a little kid or big kid, each of these ideas will make your child’s day special.

1. Angry Birds Birthday Party

kids birthday party themes-10 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas- target practice, goodie bags, cupcakes, knock the cans down and punch
Throw and Angry Birds birthday party!

Throwing an Angry Birds birthday party is super easy! Not only can you make Angry Bird cupcakes, punch, cupcakes, but we have plenty of Angry Bird games like this balloon game!

You could also put together a crafting table and let your kids and their friends make their very own Angry Bird masks. How fun!

2. Bumble Bee Party

A bumble bee party is sure to be a buzz! Make lemonade punch, dress in yellow and black, grab some yellow lollipops and balloons! This theme is super simple.

If you need some fun party fun then set up a crafting table and make these fun buzzy bees. On a budget? No problem, just grab crayons and print of some of these detailed honey bee coloring pages or how to draw a bee pages.

3. Sesame Street Birthday Party

What kid doesn’t love Sesame Street! A Sesame Street party can be easy! Make veggie platters that looks like Oscar the Grouch and Elmo! Make sugar cookies that look like Elmo and other characters.

Need more ideas? Then try out these Cookie Monster snacks! You can also have the kids make this cupcake liner Elmo craft! It only requires a few supplies and is easy to do for smaller children.

4. Ocean Themed Birthday Party

kids birthday party themes- how-to-plan-a-nautical-themed-party- boat on a blue and white background
How cute are these nautical themed party ideas?

A nautical themed party is so easy to do and a ton of fun! A blue and white cake is easy to do. There are chocolate shells are available at the store or you can buy some molds to make your own.

Plus, we have so many ocean themed crafts to keep all the party goers busy! Make your own boat that floats and then have boat races!

We also have a number of free ocean coloring pages and beach coloring pages available! An ocean playdough table would also be a blast!

5. Frozen Birthday Party

Want to host the ultimate Frozen Party? We have gathered everything you would need including treat stands, cupcake liners, toppers, icing, and edible decorations.

Looking for party favors? This Elsa’s Frozen slime is perfect! It’s ooey gooey, stretchy, slimy, and sparkly!

Need something to do at the party? We’ve got you covered! We have 7 Frozen coloring pages!

6. Disney Party

Disney is a popular theme and can be super easy to do! Make Mickey Mouse cookies using Oreos, rock candy, rainbow cupcakes.

You can make Mickey and Minnie using paper plates and let kids design a Magical Treehouse for all the Disney friends.

Plus, with Disney + it is super easy to enjoy all the classic Disney movies!

7. Harry Potter Birthday Party

kids birthday party themes- Harry Potter birthday party ideas- Snack holder, potions, spell books, witches brew, wands, snacks
What about throwing a magical Harry Potter birthday!?

We love Harry Potter which is why we have so many things to help you throw the most amazing (and budget-friendly) birthday party!

Food is a must at any party and we have recipes for Harry Potter Butterbeer, a delicious list of Harry Potter Treats, and even Sorting Hat Cupcakes with a surprise inside!

We also have free Hogwarts printables the birthday kid will love! You can also let the kids make their own magic wands and spell books!

8. Dinosaur Party

Dinosaurs are super popular right now and for good reason. They’re super awesome! So a dinosaur party just makes sense!

We have over 50+ Dinosaur crafts and activities for party goers to do and to use as decorations. We also have a so many free dinosaur printables!

We have:

Have coloring and drawing contests or just let the party goers stay busy coloring and painting these fun dinosaur coloring pages.

9. Rainbow Birthday Parties

A rainbow birthday party seems like so much fun! Many stores sell rainbow cakes or you can try out these rainbow loaded cake bites.

Looking for rainbow snacks? We’ve got them! Looking for rainbow party favors? Then you’ll love this rainbow slime!

Create a fun coloring station with these rainbow coloring pages, rainbow butterfly pages, and rainbow hidden picture sheets!

10. Minecraft Party

kids birthday party themes- Minecraft Creeper T-Shirt Tutorial- boy in minecraft tshirt
Who doesn’t want a Minecraft birthday party?

Minecraft is super popular. It is a video game that I doubt will lose popularity anytime, so if you’re child loves Minecraft throw them an epic Minecraft party.

You can make the cake look like the official Minecraft cake, and the snacks are mostly fruit and all you need to do is print of sheets labeling them using the game images.

Looking for party activities? Make this Minecraft Creeper craft or this Minecraft Creeper T-shirt. Looking for something less messy? We also have Minecraft coloring pages as well.

11. Ice Cream Party

Throw a classic ice cream party! I’m sure many of us remember ice cream parties and they were always the best! Food can easily be simple like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, the real star is the ice cream!

But how to you keep an ice cream party fun? Try out this ice cream cone craft. We also have some free ice cream coloring pages available and ice cream zentangles.

You could also set up a Play Doh ice cream shop with our homemade chocolate playdough and melted ice cream playdough.

12. Pajama Book Party

Have a child who isn’t a fan of big groups, but loves reading? No problem throw a pajama book birthday party. This is an intimate gathering with a few friends, a pillow fort, delicious snacks, and amazing books!

Set up a nice little reading nook and keep the sweets and cozy drinks like hot coco coming! Easy, simple, yet a ton of fun.

13. Paw Patrol Birthday Party

kids birthday party themes-paw patrol birthday party- stick the hat on the paw patrol dog, doggie bag, cakes, snacks, puppies, and water bowls
Paw Patrol is here to save the day!

Paw Patrol! Paw Patrol! Admit it, you totally sang that! Paw Patrol is super popular right now and the perfect birthday theme for toddlers and preschoolers!

You’ll definitely want to let the party goers make this no-sew Paw Patrol Marshall hat!

Worried about snacks? Don’t! Target has Paw Patrol Graham snacks along with other fun finger foods.

14. Star Wars Party

This is a HUGE theme in my house. We have had a number of Star Wars party, no joke. We’ve had Darth Vader cake and a number other delicious drinks and foods only found in the Star Wars multiverse.

You can make light sabers for kids to duel and even eat! We also have a bunch of fun Star Wars crafts and activities to make your party the best!

15. Fortnite Birthday Party

kids birthday party themes- Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas with fortnight logo, drinks, characters, gift bags, and shirts.
Do the floss dance because we have the greatest Fortnite party ideas.

Fortnite is also super popular, and while it may seem intimidating throwing a budget friendly and simple Fortnite birthday party is super easy!

Looking for party favors? Then you’ll want to make this Fortnite Chug Jug slime. We also have free Fortnite coloring pages as well, they’re perfect to keep party goers busy.

16. Pirate Themed Birthday Party For Kids

What a great way to celebrate a birthday parties. Whether you have little boys or a little girl, everyone wants to be a pirate and go on a treasure hunt!

We have so many different great ideas for a scavenger hunt…erm treasure hunt!

We also have ideas for pirate crafts for big and younger children, making Pirate accessories, including a sword! And did you know a treasure chest cake is super easy to make?

17. Classic Party Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Don’t want to spend much money on name brand or themed stuff? That’s okay! We have tons of ideas for a classic themed party. Classic is the perfect theme!

You can make your own noise makers! What about setting up a popsicle bar! Make a shark piñata to fill with candy! And don’t forget other things like:

Or you can get a birthday party kit! Like unicorn parties? There are party supplies for a magical unicorn party or if you just need a regular, but fun theme, we have that too (older children may not like the same things as younger kids after all.)

Looking For More Birthday Party Ideas? Then You’ll Love These

kids birthday party themes-DIY Escape Room for Kids- A mysterious collage of pictures including a cupcake puzzle, a handmade clay key in an oven, chocolate cupcakes, a happy birthday banner, and three keys made of pipe cleaners.
Can you escape this birthday party?

What kids birthday party theme are you choosing?

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